Book design — 2018

500 copies limited edition
Published by Skinnerboox

This book is the connection between two Simone Bergantini's projects: the photo-series Trophies and The Golden Path, a gold-coated fitness trail. It's a reflection about victory, and analyses through visual suggestions its two key aspects: goals and trails. The volume opens with the photographs of 40 trophies, produced reassembling more than 300 old cups, purchased online and originally owned and won by other people in the past. Removing the trophies’s golden patina and their original shapes, Bergantini turned them in ideal ambiguous objects, questioning about the actual concept of victory in our era, where everybody represent themselves as winners through social media. The second part of the book - printed on uncoated gray paper -  shows The Golden Path's project: a space to train our mind. A series of 5 modular sculptures, retrieving the shine and preciousness from the trophies. Like a manual, the reader can use the book to find all the technical details to re-build the sculptures on his very own way and create a fitness path to train his own mind.

Exhibition photos courtesy of Simone Bergantini